Families in Business (FIB) is an independent business with a community to inspire and support families working, and living, in and around business.

FIB is the family business specialist division of The GLAS Group – focusing on building personal, relationship, business  and market alignment as well as building identity and purpose. Something that is essential to all family businesses.

We were bourn out of the frustrations of founder Dani Saveker, having been fourth generation in her family’s manufacturing business, to find the right understanding, support and inspiration.

She also felt that existing thinking around family business was out of date and irrelevant in a fast changing world and so created FIB to tackle this.

We support people, families and businesses struggling with:

  • explaining the dysfunctional nature of your family to people that don’t understand
  • having no one to turn to or talk to about your challenges
  • professional advisors putting their wish to their sell services above the needs of the family and business
  • logical advice not working in a family business situation
  • resistance from employees and / or members of the family
  • not being the person you really wanted to be
  • blockages from senior members of the family
  • challenges with the younger generation of the family taking responsibility
  • being expected to join the business but it not being your passion
  • no down time – every family lunch is work focused
  • trying to improve the culture
  • implementing change and new ideas and processes
  • a constant fear of failure
  • lack of agreed expectations of each other
  • loneliness
  • accessing the right help when dealing with family members
  • becoming a parent and working as parent
  • fairness and equality – how to create it and live with it
  • pressure from family not in the business
  • closing and / or leaving the business
  • creating, funding and implementing MBOs
  • putting your mark on the business
  • trusting others to run / manage / own it
  • sense of obligation
  • lack of alignment around future and purpose
  • lack of experience in the bigger world and necessary skills

Equally, we recognise that people wish to share:

  • how proud you are to be part of the business
  • what it was like to celebrate the company’s longevity
  • your vision for the future
  • the business successes
  • your own successes, insecurities and concerns
  • your ideas and questions, challenges and frustrations
  • a wish to access new thinking
  • how important your management team is
  • being shortlisted for major awards – and other great news

FIB is powered by GLAS and provides clients with a range of help:

Individual and group consultancy
Specialist peer group membership
Exclusive Dinners
Workshops and events
Research and resources