Families in Business Ltd was founded by Dani Saveker to inspire and support families working in business. She developed peer groups, highly specialised consultancy services and workshops along with conducting research which resulted in GLAS being created.

GLAS is the intellectual property that FIB uses to unlock issues and allow families, individuals and businesses to progress. GLAS covers far more than the issues faced by family business but it does enable depth and results across all aspects of families and businesses.

FIB is now the specialist family business division of  The Global System Group Limited.


Dani formed a special partnership between Families in Business and The Shirlaws Group to help more family and owner managed businesses, not just in the UK but in Australia, US and Canada, with the often complex challenges being faced and which typically impact business growth.


Shirlaws Group continues to be part of the FIB family providing the very best business strategies and support through it’s outstanding IP and coaches as and when required. Shirlaws are a minority stakeholder of FIB.

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