FIB Consultancy

Consultancy and specialised intervention for family businesses

We feel priviledged to work with family enterises – because we know first hand what it’s like to have successes and grow a business, what it’s like to be part of that business and family and also what it’s like when the business faces challenges and is no longer there.

These experiences help us to help you.



Tailored packages providing internal support and assistance for family and owner-managed businesses and those in and around them.We do this through GLAS which is an open and collaborative system to enable those that feel stuck in any or all aspects of life to progress – a common issue found in family businesses.

By working through GLAS you can discover, live and master a balanced life with clear identity,  strong relationships, fulfilled career and sense of purpose in a changing and uncertain world – whether facing succession or relationship issues, career decisions or just feeling alone and stuck.

“FIB can also get to the absolute root cause of problems within family businesses and facilitate workable solutions to the benefit of all” – 2nd generation client

Consultancy helps:

  • Relationship dynamics
  • Decision making
  • Building and developing alignment
  • Managing generational differences
  • Building succession planning
  • MBOs
  • Exiting and retirement planning
  • Fairness
  • Team development
  • Confidence building
  • Creating personal and team plans
  • Communication support
  • Culture
  • Brand position
  • Strategic focus
  • Future planning
  • Management / Ownership and family challenges as well as individual
  • Understanding the purpose and benefit of the business

How does it work?

GLAS Projects

The FIB framework is project based support with a beginning, middle and end. It uses GLAS as a system to underpin the work undertaken.  Read more about how FIB is powered by GLAS

It many ways it may be classed as ‘consultancy’ however it is extremely unique and specific and applied to the issues associated with families working in business together,  owning a business and considering the current purpose and future needs and wishes.

The FIB team all have first hand experience of being part of family businesses and the FIB approach –  which is to help those involved find the answer that already exists. We do not impose ‘an answer’ on you, we take you through a process, individually and collectively, so that businesses and stakeholders can be included in a highly confidential process and build their own vision with confidence.

GLAS enables us to find the answers that often sit in the unconscious and have been slowly creating blockages for a significant time.

This allows family businesses, and those in and around them, to gain a clear understanding of the one big picture, individual wants and needs and build a shared focus. The more people that can be involved in the process, the clearer the outcome and more effective the project. This allows the creations of a strategic plan to implement – this may involve using existing advisors or using the FIB network and community to provide project based advisers to assist. It can be as successful with one director/shareholder and associated stakeholders as well as a larger and more complex board and owners.

We work with ‘emotional stakeholders’, as well as formal stakeholders.