FIB Credentials

FIB starts with Dani Saveker and her passion for the support of those in and around family businesses based on her personal journey.

Even from her time within the family business, Dani spoke on the topic of family business challenges and dynamic which led her to study and develop what has since become the framework for FIB’s offer – including consultancy and intervention, peer group development and action learning.

While studying the aspects of family businesses, Dani recognized that many family businesses – large and smaller – exhibited similar tendencies that prevented the family members from achieving success and contentment. She spent years modernizing the topic and developed a process that teaches individuals, families and boards what really constitutes a thriving family in business in today’s environment and how to achieve that.

  • 40,000+ hours first hand experience in the field of family business
  • 10+ years experience working with SME and MSB family businesses
  • Featured in Business Desk, BQ Magazine, Business Insider magazine, local press
  • Keynote speaker at over 30 events – sharing the stories of family business
  • Guest lecturer at Warwick Business School on the topic of resilience in family businesses 
  • Warwick Business School is working with The Global System Group to research the techniques Dani has developed within GLAS
  • Appears on BBC1 news, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Merseyside
  • Finalist in numerous awards including Midlands Businesswoman of the Year,  Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Institute of Directors Young Director of the Year, Institute of Directors Emerging Leader of the Year, Midlands Small Business of the Year, Venus Awards ‘Inspirational Woman of the Year’
  • Spoken along side Andy Haldance, Chief Economist Bank of England,
  • Judge for the past 3 years at Business Desk awards
  • Member of the FFI Global Conference committee

Directly with family businesses, as a team we have:

  • Helped over 300 family businesses
  • Provided intervention into highly challenged family businesses that were ‘lost and stuck’
  • Transformed family relationships
  • Enabled family members to run their businesses more effectively after just 2 hours
  • United families personally and within the businesses
  • Enabled elephants to be removed from the room
  • Lifted individuals from the depths of despair
  • Given hope and a future to many family business owners
  • Connected over 100 family businesses with first hand expertise that they can trust
  •  Been the first people to hear stories or admission, guilt, hurt, joy, excitement and fears

We have helped businesses and individuals by working through a highly specialised processes which have enabled expansions, open branches, move premises, begin in house production, develop and move forwards with their business, exit businesses, start new careers, develop their roles, build protection for them and their businesses, sell to employees and much much more – all with new confidence and clarity.

The work we do through FIB is highly confidential, skilled, responsible – and an absolute privilege