FIB for Individuals

Those not from family businesses often believe that being part of a family business must feel warm and cuddly. On occasions it can, however it’s also a place where you can feel incredibly isolated, lonely and in need of somewhere to off load and share.

People are always the source of tensions in relationships and the reason businesses can feel stuck. By working at an individual level and help you to find personal balance and alignment you can start to build stronger relationships, better businesses and open up a world of opportunities.

We help individuals to:

  • build resilience
  • gain clarity and focus
  • admit to issues and what they want
  • shape their vision
  • practice challenging conversations
  • share ideas and process challenges (business, family and personal)
  • be honest with themselves
  • receive praise, acknowledgement and share successes
  • work with peers with a wide experience of family business
  • work through GLAS and find their purpose and that of the business
  • learn new skills and technique to use day to day

Working with individuals in this way is some of the most important work we do; we help people to truly understand who they are – in their own right – and find a sense of purpose. Once these two critical elements are understood the rest tends to fall into place.

We work with people on a one to one basis and help create a GLAS Map – in other words we take you through a programme to discover and build a world through an improved lens. We work at your pace and closely to help carefully support your journey – while you focus on taking care of business.

FIB also offers individuals the opportunity to join an Insight Peer Group as a member and work, share and challenge others in a similar position while following the GLAS programme in a supportive and confidential setting.