FIB for Non Family

We recognise the value and importance of non family within family businesses. Whether sitting on the board, active within the management of the business or an employee on a shop floor. It’s not easy to be you though.

We work with new team members ┬áto understand how to cope with family and the dynamics as well as those that potentially have frustrations at being the outsider – not privy to decisions made at the Sunday dinner table.

Support for non family members includes:

  • preparing to join the business
  • managing the family
  • developing ways to deal with challenging situations and dynamics
  • providing you with a trusted sounding board and opportunity to offload
  • learn new technique to work with the family
  • learn how to best engage with the wider family and stakeholders
  • practical advice and support
  • personal support around ownership and your role / duties

With the right focus, ambition and understanding, you are a huge asset to the family and business and we can help provide you with support, education and strategies to make the most positive impact possible.