FIB for Strategy

Running a business would be easy if it were not for people! But all business is based on people and in a family business this means it’s very easy for people to get in the way of, and interfere with, business strategies and growth.

But every family business needs to develop their strategy – from the family engagement through ┬áto shareholding and from individual roles to family dynamics.

Once aligned, it is vital to create a future proofed business with strong culture, clear brand identity and the capacity to deliver.

We work closely with a range of partners to provide the very best support a business and family needs.

We support:

  • removing the feeling of being stuck
  • re-energised the business, teams and family
  • adjusting course to stay proactive and relevant in your market
  • understanding the connection between behaviour and outcomes
  • implementing new strategies for teams, family and individuals
  • change management
  • creating next generation visions and planning

Working with advising partners to:

  • ensure legal requirements are protecting you – from shareholders agreements to Wills and contracts to HR
  • tax planning is in place
  • wealth planning is considered
  • investment structures
  • business structures
  • you can access finance
  • and much more…