FIB for Succession

Do you know what the future holds for you, your family and your business?

95% fail to plan for succession

Most people focus on today’s issues and getting the job done – we, as humans, were not build to consider the mid to long term future. We were made to ensure we survive, reproduce and that was that. It was a very short term view and while it worked for our early ancestors¬†this doesn’t work in the world we now live in. As we live longer lives and society changes – and the world around us does too – we have to consider the future.

But where do you begin?

Founders start businesses with today in mind and generating sales. They spend all their time IN the business and so to consider the future is often put to the side as ‘not urgent’. Hopefully the business grows and develops, family appear (in and outside of the business) and life gets more complicated.

We provide support by:

  • establishing individual needs and wants
  • dealing with unspoken issues, concerns and challenges
  • providing neutral facilitation
  • using creative and enjoyable tools and techniques to safely engage all parties and stakeholders
  • working with family of all generations in and out of the business
  • engaging with all employees to ensure buy in and protection
  • working with your chosen professional advisors
  • helping appointment and manage new professional advisors
  • allow everyone to be heard and ensure we continue to make progress
  • understanding the deeper issues and history to allow you to design your future
  • listen
  • understand
  • challenge
  • innovate
  • draw out the purpose, passion, hope and gifts and enable choice

Succession is an overused and misunderstood thing and so we help individuals, families, teams and businesses to consider future proofing  across a range of elements. Firstly starting with each person, then relationships, next is the business, then considering the changing world and external impacts and finally but in no means least, purpose.

By understanding the outcomes you seek for various areas as an individual we can then build the future profile with you addressing hot topics, challenging dynamics, issues of fairness, ownership and wealth through to needs and wants. The WHAT NEXT question is a multi layered question we support you with.