FIB Insight Peer Group

FIB Insight Groups are a network of specialist and intimate peer groups each with members of family enterprises that meet, share and provide support to each other.




The groups are:

  • Run on a bi-monthly basis (every other month)
  • Each session runs for half a day
  • Take place in a neutral setting
  • Members discuss their challenges, evaluate opportunities and solve an assortment of strategic and often personal issues unique to family enterprises.
  • Members benefit from two further one to one sessions which focus on individual specific needs and help you to build your GLAS Map (each being half a day or run over Skype)
  • Consist of  between 5 and 12 current and/or future executives from family owned businesses.
  • Works around a programme on a rolling basis built around GLAS designed by FIB founder Dani Saveker.
  • The concept is to help unlock your business and improve the quality and direction of your life and relationships.
  • Membership is paid on a monthly basis

“Being part of Insight has helped me to unlock who I am and what I want as well as helping me connect to my family and prepare me for the business”

Some of our Insight Groups are dedicated to certain challenges or groups including:

  •  Group for women in family business.
  • Group for non family members of family businesses

Talk to us to find the right Group for you – and how you can attend a taster session or complete the form to let us know your interest:


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