How FIB Works

FIB provides a range of services to families working in businesses to suit a variety of needs. Using the innovative GLAS system, FIB works with:


We work with those involved in family businesses as well as those outside of the business – whether as a shareholder or family member. We do this by:- helping with a one to one programme to shape a unique plan for you and your life and how this relates to your family, team and career

Families and teams

We always advise that one to one starts first but then we can progress to bringing the family, team and collective together. This approach gives the best outcome for the family, team and business. We can then work with you by:

  • running a workshop in house to build a collective plan
  • this can be a one day or 5 days programme
  • taking you through a full consultancy programme to meet your specific needs. We design this with you




Non Family Executive


We are incredibly proud of the work we do when partnering accountants, lawyers, banks and wealth planners. We begin this by providing initial training and development and then shape appropriate programmes to suit their needs. This can include:

  •  us providing you with research and content
  • in house programme to support your clients
  • advisors can sponsor Exclusive Dinners 
  • our tools and approach can also support succession and planning internally for professional firms