The Life You Want

Over the festive season we travelled to Anglesey in North Wales to visit with my parents in law for a couple of days. This was our first visit to them in their new home – having grown up, lived and worked all their lives in the West Midlands. Ever since I met them, I’ve been aware of their aim to retire to a ‘view by the sea’ as soon as they were able. Having brought up their 4 children, 2014 was to be the year for this huge move.

My mother-in-law retired in April and set to work making sure that the house that had been the family home for 35 years would be saleable. In parallel to this she arranged numerous trips to Anglesey to view perspective homes and rental properties. The plan was fully underway. In early Autumn 2014, the house sold and a rental property was in place. Their children said farewell to their family home, one that has seen many happy times, some sad and lots of stories created.

What struck us all was the clarity of my parents-in-law’s vision. We felt that we could almost see what they had dreamt of for years. We knew this to be the case when we took the first visit in January. What we saw wasn’t just their vision brought to life but two people, and a dog, that looked different. They looked at ease, incredibly happy and ‘at home’. The pressures and demands of working incredibly hard and raising their family had gone. Not only did they sparkle but they were simply ‘different’ and in the very best possible way.

Our trip was inspiring and we have all been left realising that we need our own verison of theirĀ ‘view by the sea’ dream – and to make it happen as soon as possible.

What’s yours and what are you doing to make it happen? Try playing with GLAS and see what you discover