Patrick Laight

Company: Aspray 24

Job Title: CEO / Chairman

Phone: 01902 60 11 22


Founder of Aspray 24 and the main driver of the business for 30 years, growing from a small – almost 1 man band – to employing over 800 people with a £40m turnover

Only family can undersand the commitment of a family business – having peers that understand this is so important


How long have you worked in the family business?
32 years

What or who inspires or drive you?
Self belief instilled in me from a very early age and a book “Acres of Diamonds”

What generation are you? 
1st, the founder

What do you think makes a family business special or different from a non-family business?
The relationships forged within the home of honesty, respect, enjoyment and fulfilment altogether.  If one laughs we all laugh, if one hurts we all hurt

What, if anything, prepared you for entering the family business? 
[Patrick wishes this to be left blank indicating there’s nothing that can prepare you]

What do you hope your legacy will be? 
That I built a home, a family and a business

What has been, or is, your biggest challenge for either you or the business? 
Time, there’s never enough!

Why do you feel a community and network to support family businesses is so important?
Only family can undersand the commitment – having peers that understand this is so important

What do you feel ‘success’ means to a family business? 
Being able to support and see younger members grow and take ownership

What do you do within the business and family to ensure issues don’t arise? 
Issue do arise of course.  No way can you stop them, but be honest, straight and always tackle them

What advice would you give to someone joining their family business? 
They need to know that it will be hard, enjoyable and rewarding all at the same time

What would you like to see change/improve with the service professional advisers (lawyers, banks, accountants, etc) provide to family businesses?
That they be made to work in the real world –  for themselves for at least 12 months with no support!