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General Resources

Entrepreneur: How to Handle Your Family Bankrolling your Business

How the brain works: Dr Steve Peters ‘Chimp Paradox’ 

Just Listen: Dr Mark Goulston’s book JustListen_Chapter1.pdf

Business Desk North West – Family Business Supplement 2015 – BusinessDesk NW_Family_Business.pdf

Communication – Claim a credit for an online indicator 

The NY Times: Lessons from Family Businesses

Harvard Business Review

Leadership: Lessons from Great Family Businesses

Strategy: What you can learn from Family Businesses

Protection: Avoid the Traps that Can Destroy Family Businesses

Succession: How to Save the Family Business

Non Family: Surviving in a Family Business When You’re Not Part of the Family

Leadership and Succession: Family Businesses need one to Conquer and  another to Rule 

Conflict: Conflicts that Plague Family Businesses 

Work/Life Balance: Dealing with the Unique Work-Life Challenges of Family Businesses

Benefits of Family Businesses: Customers Trust Family Businesses More

Governance: Family Business Governance


Women and Family Businesses: Reality for Women on Family Business Boards

Franchises: From Family to Franchising – 5 Ways to Start your Business Empire

Sussession: 7 ‘Empire’ Lessons on Family Business Succession

Succession and Strategy: What Keeps Family Businesses Going for Generations

Selling to Family: Selling The Family Business To Your Family Could Cost You


Finding purpose: Simon Sinek – Start with Why

Focusing on small things: Rory Sutherland – Sweat the Small Stuff

Family Business Surveys and Reports by others

 Blogs, Awards and other information