Calling Midlands Women in Family Businesses

Dani Saveker, having known what would have helped her during her duties at CEO of her family’s businesses inBirmingham, ┬áhas been running a specialist peer group for family businesses for almost three years. The Group has recently added new members, but there is something very special about this group.

Not only does this group focus on family enterprises and the often complex issues that are faced within them, but every member of the Group is a strong, inspirational and ambitious woman.

Dani says:

“When I formed the Birmingham Insight Group, I set out to provide the support necessary when you’re part of your family business. I was fed up trying to explain to non-family business folk how dysfunctional but fabulous our business was. To come together with other people that already understand this is fantastic.

I have never been interested in ‘women only’ groups but what I discovered in this collection of amazing ladies is that they are from such a diverse background that they bring and take incredible value from each other. Each meeting is a half a day of incredible courage, honesty and innovation as well as support at a personal, family and business level. The impact is incredibly positive on their businesses and relationships as well as how they are now able to cope in a far more positive way. These women tell me that the group has literally changed their lives for which I am so proud”

The Group is looking for an additional 3 members – so if you’re part of your West Midlands based family business (or you are based in the West Midlands) and in a management role (not necessarily director or shareholder) and would like to see what the group is all about we would to hear from – please email: directly

We are running sessions on 25th July between 8.30am – 10.30am and 22nd August between 8.30am-1pm.

The Group’s existing members must be accept and invite new members to formally join the Group following a taster session.

Insight Groups are from non competing businesses and so this group is reaching out to women in their family businesses providing they are from the following industries:

  • Construction
  • Haulage
  • Leisure / hospitality
  • Retail
  • Waste Management
  • Professional Services
  • Agriculture


Can’t be clear enough

I was fortunate enough to spend time with a friend and business associate this week as he shared the story of selling his business and how he recently signed the deal and announced to a work force that the deal was done. This wasn’t a family business but I was struck by his journey and absolute clarity from the day he and his 2 partners formed the business.

Day one for them was spent shaping what each of them wanted in the future, so much so that they each created a visual montage of their future life once they’d sold the business – the business that really hadn’t even started yet. From cars to holidays and how time would be spent with family once a deal was completed in the future. Each of them had their picture of the future on the wall by their desk.

They also set out with a spreadsheet to calculate each year what the sale value might be – but only once they had each worked out the minimum figure they’d take if an offer was made. Between the three they had agreed on one figure based on thsi and that became critical 15 years on as they negotiated the sale. They exceeed this figure just a couple of weeks ago as they sold their business to Ernst and Young.

If you can really see something with absolute clarity it makes achieving it much more likely!