Trevor Herbert

Company: Hobbs House Bakery


Phone: 01454 321 629

Job title: MD


Trevor is MD at Hobbs House Bakery and father to the “Fabulous Baker Brothers

If baking could be said to be in the blood, scraping sponge tins at the age of six laid the foundation for a lifetime of bread-baking passion.

Learning the skills of the artisan in his father’s bakery, the revolutionary David Herbert’s in Montpelier, Bristol, he went on to set up a flour mill at Crosshands Farm. Milling gave him a depth of understanding crucial to the making of world class bread.

A strongly held Christian faith, a happy marriage, and six children, keep him in touch with the needs of the new generation of bread pioneers at Hobbs House bakery.

 …there is a validity that comes from working with people that have been in a similar situation and have discovered the answer

How long have you been working with family business?
I started working with my father when I left school at 16. However, because of the nature of family businesses, I was immersed in it from an early age – allegedly cleaning sponge tins at the age of 3

Who or what has inspired you?
I was in thrall to my father who was a true entrepreneur, for many years; under him I learnt the immediacy of business. This was followed by a massive opportunity to work with my father-in-law, John Wells, who taught me the importance of making sure that viability was always maintained.

What generation are you?
4th generation

What do you think makes a family business special or different from a non-family business?
Family businesses tend to have a stronger link to their community than non-family ones, because they live in it. This shows in the values that they aspire to, with the potential to maintain a stable workforce and a loyal customer base. There are of course limiting factors that would include dominance by one family member, issues around succession and a preparedness to ignore what is happening in the wider world

What do you wish you’d known when entering the family business?
That it is important to be clear about the areas of responsibility. Nothing worse than different family members trying to resolve the same problem.

What has been, or is, your biggest challenge for either you or the business?
The biggest challenge is persuading key members that despite everything the business must be run in a business like way

Why do you feel a community to support family businesses is so important?
There are many different business helps available, however, there is a validity that comes from working with people that have been in a similar situation and have discovered the answer

What advice would you pass on to future generations – either in your business or another family business?
Learn to be a good listener, and invest in training and development of your people

What do you hope your legacy/or the family business legacy will be?
That the business has grown under my stewardship, enough to maintain existing family members and that there is an understanding of the key things that ensure that momentum.