Yorkshire Bank

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Temple Point,
1 Temple Row
B2 5YB

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As a bank with deep roots where our customers actually live, work and grow their futures, we want to make banking more accessible for local businesses – because that means more can be put back where it does most good: the business itself.

Our philosophy is the simple truth that local business drives the local economy – it is the lifeblood of prosperity and dynamism in our region.

To make this happen we have experienced local Relationship Managers supported by sector specialists, local credit decisions and £1bn Business Expansion Fund to ensure customers can take advantage of improving economic conditions.

Lead Contact

Gareth Jones – Head of Comm Relationships


Gareth has over 20 years of experience supporting family businesses across West Midlands which he thinks is a great place to do business. He has undertaken roles as Relationship Manager, Business Development Manager, Credit Risk Manager and for last 8 years leading teams working with owner managed and family businesses.

The best part of his role is getting to hear the story of a journey of a different business nearly every day. His ethos is that his role and that of his team is to help business owners to write the next chapter of that story.

My Top Tips:

  1. Share the story of your journey openly
  2. Paint your vision of where you want to take the business
  3. Focus and build on your strengths
  4. What are the barriers to growth?
  5. Plan for the ‘what ifs’

Paul Reeves – Head of Private Banking – Midlands


I have worked for Yorkshire bank since 1980. I am currently head of private banking for the midlands region Previous roles with the group have included business development manager and over the last 6 years Managing Partner in Preston until 2007 , Stafford, Coventry and Birmingham before taking up my present position in oct 2013

My Top Tips:

  1. Remember Your Health is Your Wealth
  2. Ensure you have the balance between work and Play
  3. Planning for you future is as important as your current finances
  4. Are you a parent or do you have parents ?  Ensure you protect your family’s future
  5. Always ensure you explore different financial  options

Richard Hornsey – Relationship Manager


I now have over 30 years experience in the banking industry. I work in both a Relationship Management / Business Development role working with a wide range of SME’s assisting them to meet their short, medium and long term strategic goals. A number of these companies will be family owned which bring with them their own unique range of challenges. I welcome the opportunity to meet with any business whatever sector or ownership structure to enable me to have the opportunity to assist with their growth opportunities.